Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg hunt vampires in 'Day Shift' trailer

July 24, 2022

In the official trailer for Netflix’s Day Shift, Jamie Foxx is a hard-working, blue collar father who trudges off to his job as a pool cleaner in the San Fernando Valley each morning to support his daughter – or so his family thinks. The chlorine and cleaning supplies at the pool are all a front for Bud Jablonski’s actual line of work: a teeth-pulling vampire hunter.

With Foxx’s Bud on a one-week deadline to come up with enough money for his daughter’s tuition and braces, the hunt is on — and there’s no shortage of vampires to take out. “Vampires, they live amongst us,” he tells an anxiety-ridden union representative played by Dave Franco. “And all they are is murderers. It’s not Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn Part 1 — it ain’t like that.

Foxx stars alongside Snoop Dogg, who looks as though he’s wandered into a post-Twilight world of vampires from the set of a western as Big John Elliott. Then there’s Franco, who needed a job bad enough to have taken on the demands of being a union representative for the hunters slaying the undead, but whose awkward and clumsy demeanor would be better suited for a desk job.

The cast of characters sling guns, machetes, and decapitating flat-screen televisions in a fight to exterminate the vampires who have been driving up the cost of living in Los Angeles thanks to Audrey San Fernando (Karla Souza), a real estate agent who sells homes strictly to the blood-suckers.

Day Shift marks the directorial debut of J.J. Perry, the stunt coordinator behind John Wick, Django Unchained, The Fate of the Furious, and more. The film will be produced by John Wick director Chad Stahelski with writing from Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice. It arrives on Netflix on August 12.

Source: https://www.rollingstone.com | https://www.netflix.com


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