Sex Survey Says People In These Professions Are Having It The Most

August 5, 2022

Sex: everyone has it, wants more of it, and wants to know who’s having more of it than they are.

Well, according to a recent UK survey conducted by sex toy manufacturer Lelo, farmers are likely to enjoy more rolls in the hay than people in other professions.

During the UK survey, 2,000 men and women were interviewed about their sex lives and their occupations. The results found that more than 33% of farmers claimed to be having sex at least once a day.

Now if your image of a farmer is that of an overweight man in a two-tone khaki shirt driving a bakkie, then that may be a bit hard to believe. Unless, of course, UK farmers are all hunks with washboard abs and manicured stubble who look like the stars of the reality show Farmer Wants a Wife.

Either way, in the UK at least, it’s the farmers who are getting the most action and all that practice seems to be paying off as 67% of those interviewed rated their performance in the bedroom as “incredible".

After farmers it’s architects who get their rocks off the second most with 21% claiming they have sex at least once a day, followed by hairdressers, 17% of whom, in true Warren Beatty Shampoo style, get laid daily.

People employed in the advertising, legal and teaching professions round out the top five spots. (Lawyers and teachers tied for fifth place.)

Lawyers are apparently, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the hardest of the professions to please beneath the sheets, with 27% of those participating in the survey revealing that they fake an orgasm every time they have sex.

Sex expert Kate Moyle told the Mirror that the reason for farmers topping the poll may be down to the level of physical effort their job requires, which leads to better physical condition and stamina than their desk jobbing city rivals.

And who did the survey place at the very bottom of the list of professions in terms of the regularity of sexual activity? Why journalists of course, one fifth of whom claimed they only had sex once a month.

Why you may ask? Because we’re too busy writing informative articles to satisfy your need for instant information than to be finding the time to get it on 🙂



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